We do not produce any physical certificate of ownership, except for the receipt that comes with the print or painting. The receipt does not state the edition number or size, and should not be used or accepted as a COA if the print or painting is sold second hand. The reason for this is that a COA would be easier to replicate or falsify than the work itself.

The register

We keep a register of ownership for the prints and paintings that we sell. When you purchase a print or a painting from hmp, you are automatically registered as the owner in our database.

Change ownership

If you are buying or selling a print or a painting, you are welcome to register the new owner in our system. If you have a print, and you don’t know who the registered owner is, you can request to have the print registered to you.

Confirm ownership

To confirm the ownership of a print or a painting, you may request a confirmation of ownership. This can be useful or if you are buying or selling a print, for insurance reasons, or in other instances when you need to confirm that the print or painting is authentic.

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